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Chirala Beltings
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 Importer's Address : Srinivasa Nagar,  Perala,  Prakasam Andhra Pradesh
 Pin : 523157  Email :
 Fax :  Phone : 9908959490

We manufacture high performance, high durable and cost effective nylon woven industrial belts and ropes. Our belts and ropes are best known for their superior quality. We are in this business since our ancestors time. Manufacturing of handloom nylon belts was started by our ancestors and we are continuing.... Our nylon woven industrial products have many unmatched characteristics when these are compared with the machine made belts and ropes. Our product manufacturing process is being done by well experienced weavers. We start with a lengthy nylon string, make an endless wrap out of it through the Art-Of-Handloom and then weave it on specially designed handlooms. The joint of the any endless product we make, comes in the weaving itself. There would not be any knot in the belt and no body can identify the joint in the belt. As a reputed class work we follow our tradition by keeping this hand weaving work alive in India and very proud to serve these exclusive nylon super endless belts for machine handling... Primarily we make two kinds of industrial belts, Rope Belts and Flat Belts. Both would be made in endless(seamless) and open ended (continuous) form. We are proud to say that no body can identify the joint in our endless belts, either in rope or flat belts. Because the joint of the belt comes in the weaving itself. Every product we make on the specially designed looms. We use no machines to make our belts, every product is completely hand made. Our raw material is Nylon 6 Industrial Yarn. Nylon 6 yarn formally known as Dipped Tyre Cord Fabric. It has passed all the international tests to be used as belting fabric. This is the same yarn used by leading vehicle Tyre manufacturers like MRF and CEAT. Open Ended Falt Belts are used as Elevator Belts,Drier Belts, Cone Belts,Transmission Belts and Conveyor Belts in Rice Mills and Dall Mills. These are used as Drop Stamp belts or Hammer Belt to lift the forging hammer in forging industry. Open Ended Rope is used as Hammer Rope / Lifting Rope. These are well known as Interlock Woven Nylon Pull Cords. These interlock woven pull cords are made in 50 Mtr length. Endless Flat Belts are used primarily in garment industry for textile mill,spinning mills and in packing department of many industries. In this category Lagam Belts,Fixed Carriage Bands, Cap Belts and Biscuit Conveyor Belts are few examples. Endless Rope Belts are even used in spinning mills, textile mills and ready made garments industry. These are primarily used as a motor belts in all types of sewing machines. These are also used in cigarette and capsule making industry. Perlon Ropes are used in spinning mills in carding machines.

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