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shivam repair pvt ltd
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 Importer's Address : ce 182 ansal housing,   golf link 1 greater noida,  Greater Noida UP
 Pin : 201308  Email :
 Fax :  Phone : 01206497874

we repair multibrand VFD and all electronic cards YASKAWA AC DRIVE REPARING A1000 AC Drive P1000 AC Drive V1000 AC Drive V1000-4X AC Drive J1000 Drive AC G7 Drive AC P7S Slim Configured Package P7C Drive Configured P7B Drive Bypass AC7 Matrix Converter F7 Drive P7 Drive VS mini G5HHP Drive RC5 Converter DC5 Converter CDBR Braking Module AC Motors V74X Drive V7 Drive V7N Drive J7 Drive Z1000 Drive Z1000 Bypass Z1000 Configured E7 Drive E7S Slim Configured Package E7C Drive Configured E7N Narrow Bypass Package E7L Drive Bypass E7B Drive Bypass E7E Drive Engineered 2: ABB AC DRIVE REPARING: ABB ACS 150 Series AC Drives ABB ACS 350 Series AC Drives ABB ACS 400 Series AC Drives ABB ACS 550 Series AC Drives ABB ACS 600 Series AC Drives ABB ACS 800 Series AC Drives etc. 3: SEMIANES AC DRIVE REPARING: Siemens 6SE70 AC Master Drives Compact Master Drives Compact Plus Master Drives 6S 6SE6410 MM410 Micromaster Drives 6SE6420 MM420 Micromaster Drives 6SE6430 MM430 Micromaster Drives 6SE6436 MM436 Micromaster Drives 6SE6440 MM440 Micromaster Drives Siemens 6SE31 Midimaster Drives 6SE32 MM3 Midimaster Drives 6SE95 MM3 Micromaster ECO Drives 6SE92 MM3 Micromaster ECO Drives 6SErives Siemens 6SE6440 Family of Micromaster Drives 4: Altivar AC Drives REPARING: Altivar / ATV Altivar 11 / ATV11 Altivar 16 / ATV16 Altivar 18 / ATV18 Altivar 28 / ATV28 Altivar 31 /ATV31 Altivar 56 / ATV56 Altivar 58 TRX Type N, F Altivar 58 BELE BOX Altivar Flex58 Open Chassis Altivar 61 / ATV61 Altivar 66 / ATV66 Altivar 71 / ATV77 Omegapak Econoflex 5:DANFOSS AC DRIVE REPARING: VLT MICRO VLT 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 VLT 2800 VLT 5000, 5125 VLT 4000 VT VLT 3000, 3150, 3002, 3060, 3500, 3508 VLT 5000 FLUX VLT 6000 VLT 8000 AutomationDrive FC300 ,FC301,FC 302 . 6:ALLEN BRADLLY AC DRIVE: Active: 2300, PowerFlex 4, PowerFlex 4M, PowerFlex 40, PowerFlex 40P, PowerFlex 400, PowerFlex 70, PowerFlex 700, PowerFlex 700AFE, PowerFlex 700H, PowerFlex 700L,PowerFlex 700S, PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755, PowerFlex 7000,POWE FLEX 1336. 7: DELTA AC DRIVE REPARING:- Delta VFD-B Inverter,Delta VFD-L Drive,Delta VFD-M Drive, Delta VFD-A Drive, C2000 Series,VFD-VL Series, VFD-G Series,VFD-F Series,VFD-S Series,VFD-V Series, VFD-E Series,VFD-VE Series,VFD-EL Series,VFD-EL Series, VFD-EL Series,VFD-EL Series,VFD-VJ Series, AFE2000 Series, VFD-DD Series,CP2000 Series 8:FUJI AC DRIVE REPARING: AF-300 Drives Innovation Series DC-300 Drives Siltron Analog Siltron Digital Siltron Siltrol Plus Silpac 3000 3100 3200 FRENIC FRN Models FRENIC ECO FRENIC-Multi Simplex ACC VALUTROL Accutrol Frenic 5000 FVR K7S, FVR G7S FSD Series VSD Series DC-2000 DV-300, DV-500 Fanuc

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