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Baby Corn Importers In USA

Trade Product

 A M S Exotic 
French Beans Snow Peas , Sugar Snaps Baby Zuchinni Baby Corn Carrots , Oriental Sweet Mix Melange Pettit Vegetable Butternut N.W. 14,474.67 Kgs Temp : 35 F 15% Open  
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 Allied Old English 
Canned Sl Baby Corn Cut Stir Fry 12-15Oz Po#33120  
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 Ams Exotic 
Cartons Fresh Beans, Mini Carrots, Baby Zucchini, Baby Corn, Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, Baby Corn Trio, Oriental Sweet Mix, Melange Pettit Vegetable And Butternut Gross Net 10,960.94 K  
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 Asa Trade Company 
Canned Baby Corn In Brine 500 Cartons Canned Baby Corn In Brine(Large, Whole) Packing 108 Oz. X 6 Cans H.S. Code 200599 500 Cartons Canned Baby Corn In Brine (Broken Or Cut) Packing 108 Oz. X 6 Cans H.S. Code 200599 As Our Export Reference No. Mf161318  
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 Atlapac Trade Company Inc 
Canned Whole Baby Corn In Brine, 150 Up  
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 C Pacific 
Shippers Load, Count, Seal And Weight 1X20 Cy/Cy 1 Cntr. 1,008 Cartons As Itemized On Board And Date 6/12/2016 V : Kuala Lumpur Express V.060E Port Of Loading Laem Chabang, Thailand Freight Collect To Be Continued. Description Of Goods Jack Pot Brand 600 Cartons Canned Whole Baby Corn In Brine (Coun 
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 Easy Fat Trade Inc 
6/A10 Baby Corn Whole 1,00 0.00 Ctns 6,000.00 Tins Fda Registration No. : 198 76719012 Freight Collect/ Ams Prepaid  
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 Foodforce Enterprise Inc 
Nature Pro Brand 6Xa10 Canned Baby Corn Cut  
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 Foodforce Enterprises Inc 
Canned Baby Corn  
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 Handylee Enterprises 
6/#10 Whole Baby Corn + Si D Number: 2013-02-04/002 + Fda: 12160758898 + Fce: 1 5619 Po Number: 092616-1 H S Code : 20089990 Freight Collect/Ams Prepaid  
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